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Aged Residential Care visits and contracts


Privately funding/ACC

If you live in a care home – regardless of whether it is rest home, hospital or dementia care – then we can happily visit you to provide physiotherapy.  We understand that if you live in aged care then travelling out to a clinic is impractical and unlikely to be the best for you. When we visit you where you live then we can assess all aspects of your daily life and support you to be as independent and safe as possible.  Your physiotherapist will communicate with the nursing and care team to ensure you receive the best care possible.


Contracted hours

We also work in aged care facilities all over Christchurch providing contracted services every week. We currently provide 88 hours of physiotherapy every week so it’s safe to say that we know this area inside and out. If you are looking for a team who are passionate about working in aged care then please make contact to discuss your needs further.


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