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Initial Assessment (Including Telehealth)

Assessment (up to 60 minutes)
ACC surcharge (up to 60 minutes)

Subsequent Visits

Standard (up to 45 minutes)
Teleheath - 30 minutes
ACC surcharge
Follow up phone consultations (minimum 10 minutes)
$2.60 per minute

Physiotherapy assistant visits
$75.75 p/h
Massage Therapy
$90.90 p/h
Office based work*
$55.00 p/h
Wheelchair Assessments
$195.95 p/h
Wheelchair administration/paperwork
$101.00 p/h

Staff training: "Moving and Handling"
please enquire


*Preparation of reports, applications and care plans and telephone consultations (pre-agreed with client).

All rates include GST and travel within the central city. You will be told of any travel charges prior to your first visit

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