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As a private company On the Go Physio work with you, and your needs are central to everything we do. You can choose to be seen at home, or come to us in our clinic. Our first appointment will usually last an hour and during this we talk to you about why you have arranged physiotherapy and what you hope to achieve. We will then assess you – this usually involves looking at your movement and then focussing in on the specific issues you are facing. This assessment is guided by what you tell us.

Things we may assess include your strength, your balance and how you move about, get up from a chair or anything that is challenging for you. Following this we will talk to you about your options for input and make a plan to go forward. We may order you equipment or ask your GP to arrange further help. You may want to have several physio visits or you may just want some advice and pointed in the right direction! You are welcome to have somebody with you at this visit, and any future visits. 


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