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Jessie Snowdon

Director, Aged Care Physiotherapist, Moving and Handling Trainer

Bachelor of Physiotherapy 1998, Postgraduate Certificate in Rehabilitation 2009, Member of Physiotherapy New Zealand including the Neurology and Older Adults Special Interest Groups, and Treasurer of Canterbury Branch. Member of Moving and Handling Association of New Zealand

Jessie is the founder and director of On the Go Physio. She graduated from Otago University in 1998 and has worked in Christchurch, Edinburgh and London in a variety of roles. Jessie has experience working with people with a range of neurological, orthopaedic and age related conditions including Parkinson’s Disease, Polio, Multiple Sclerosis, Head Injury, Stroke, elective and traumatic joint replacements, falls, and general loss of function following illness or injury. Jessie is a skilled presenter and passionate about improving patient and carer safety though the delivery of effective moving and handling training and education.

Camilla Morton

Senior Physiotherapist / Team Lead

Bachelor degree with Honors in Physiotherapy 2012 (Scotland, UK). MS Get A Head Start instructor, PD Warrior trained. Member of NZ Bobath, and New Zealand Society for Balance, Dizziness and Vertigo

Camilla has had a very varied career in neurological and other rehabilitation, but recently has chosen to focus her time on working with people who have progressive neurological conditions specifically Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s Disease, and helping people who suffer from issues with their balance due to vestibular conditions.

Camilla loves building great relationships with her clients, and helping them have the confidence to challenge themselves through exercise so they can continue to enjoy the things they want to in life.

Having recently relocated to Christchurch with her young family, Camilla is really looking forward to becoming a part of the local community through her physiotherapy work.


Rebecca Washbourn

Aged Care Physiotherapist, Moving and Handling Trainer, HASANZ Certified

Bachelor of Physiotherapy 1995, Postgraduate Diploma in Rehabilitation 1999,  Masters in Rehabilitation

Rebecca has had a hugely varied career in Rehabilitation including recently implementing a new rehabilitation service in Rarotonga. She is very experienced in policy formation and management of teams as well as manual handling training and is HASANZ registered. She is an excellent problem solver and enjoys working with people on whatever it is they want to achieve. She has worked with people with spinal injuries, head injuries and just about everything else you could imagine!

Catherine Hanson

Neurological Physiotherapist

Masters of Physiotherapy, University of Southampton, UK 2008
Member of Physiotherapy NZ including the Neurology and rehabilitation. 

Cat has worked as a physiotherapist for the last 14 years in both New Zealand and the UK. She has a special interest in rehabilitation especially clients with neurological diagnosis.

She has depth of knowledge and experience with many neurological conditions including working with clients with Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, Motor Neurone Disease and Other Neurological Conditions.

Cat has particular interest in Upper Limb Rehabilitation and Gait Retraining to help improve function.

Her clinical experience includes working in a clinic or community setting with teenagers to older adults focusing on gaining improvements in function, efficient movement patterns, fatigue management and returning to hobbies, work and leisure activities.

Her passion lies with delivering client centered care and enabling people to strive to achieve the objectives that really make a difference to their daily lives. She focuses on treating clients with the Bobath framework and enjoy working with neuro technology to help clients gain further independence.

Penny Yule Yeoman

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist

Diploma of Physiotherapy 1981

Member of Physiotherapy NZ including Older Adult Special Interest Group

Penny has 40 years of experience working in a wide variety of settings: hospital, private practice, community and residential care facilities in NZ, Australia and the UK. She specialises in Musculo-Skeletal conditions having experience in orthopaedics, spinal injuries, private practice and hospital-based work. She has trained as a manual therapist with skills in the McKenzie Mechanical Therapy approach. She has run exercise group sessions, undertaken Back Care education classes, been a Careerforce assessor -training therapy assistants and teaches Nordic Walking.

“I enjoy helping people to understand their injury and equip them with ways to help them reach their goals alongside physiotherapy.”

She is passionate about helping people to get the best quality of life after an injury. She has travelled widely and enjoys meeting people of all backgrounds and abilities in life. She has a wonderful husband and 4 fun adult children!!

Bridget Payne

Aged Care Physiotherapist, Disability Rehabilitation Physiotherapist

Bachelor of Health Science (Physiotherapy) 2019, Auckland University of Technology (AUT).

Bridget has a background in paediatrics, working in special schools both in Auckland and Christchurch. Bridget has a huge passion for advocating for the inclusion of the special needs community. While working within the school environment Bridget also saw an older adult living with muscular dystrophy for neurological rehabilitation in his home. This experience has also led to Bridget wanting to pursue a career in older adults rehabilitation and is excited to hit the ground running working towards meaningful functional goals with new clients.

Amanda Fleming


Bachelor of Physiotherapy 2009

Member of Physiotherapy New Zealand and the New Zealand Pain Society.

Amanda has over ten years experience treating general musculoskeletal injuries and a wide range of chronic pain conditions, including Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), persistent pelvic pain, and surgical mesh related pain. She previously worked at the Burwood Pain Management Centre, and it was here that she gained experience and developed an interest in treating people living with complex persistent pain and functional movement disorders.

She is passionate about helping others better understand their pain and/or injury, and using activity and exercise to work towards achieving their goals.

Sarah Wright

Aged Care Physiotherapist, Lymphoedema Physiotherapist Accredited Pinc and Steel Cancer Rehab Physiotherapist, RESTORE scar therapy accredited

Lymphoedema and Oncology Physiotherapist, Certified Pinc and Steel Physiotherapist, RESTORE scar therapy specialist

Bachelor of Sciences in Physiotherapy 2005, Level 1 lymphoedema training 2013 

Sarah has worked in a number of hospitals and outpatient settings in the UK and NZ. She has a special interest in oncology and lymphoedema management and really loves working closely with clients through their cancer journey to enable them to get the best rehabilitation outcome they can. Through her hospital career she has also worked with older adults with a wide range of oncological, neurological and orthopaedic conditions and has been involved in their rehabilitation. She is really excited to bring this experience into the aged residential environment. 

Desiree Allen

Aged Care Physiotherapist, Seating and Wheelchair Therapist

Bachelor of Health Science (Physiotherapy) 1996, Postgraduate Certificate in Clinical Teaching 2007

Desiree has worked in hospitals, rest homes, clinics and with clients in the community in New Zealand and the UK. She has experience working with people with neurological conditions, including stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, Motor Neurone Disease, head injury, Parkinson’s disease and Spina Bifida. She is also experienced with orthopaedic conditions, falls prevention, older persons health, amputees and clients with intellectual disability. She is skilled in scooter, wheelchair and seating prescription.

Desiree is passionate about working with clients in their own environment to help them get the most out of life.

Laura Murray

Aged Care Physiotherapist

Bachelor of Science in Health Studies, 1998 (USA), Masters of Science in Physical Therapy, 2000 (USA), Neuro-Developmental Treatment (Bobath) Trained 2005

Laura has extensive experience in treating clients with neurological, orthopaedic, respiratory, cardiac and medical conditions with a specific focus on stroke, cardiac conditions, amputations, brain injury, Parkinsons Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, joint replacement, falls and rehabilitation following bone fractures.  She was worked in a variety of hospital and rehabilitation settings in the US since 2000 and has been registered as a physiotherapist in New Zealand since 2012.  She has a passion for travel and is enjoying raising her family here in Christchurch.


Kathryn Dill-Russell

Aged Care Physiotherapist

Menaka Shirpurkar

Physiotherapy Assistant

Bachelor of Physiotherapy, 2019 (India), Postgraduate Diploma in Sports Science, 2020 (NZ)

Menaka is a registered physiotherapist from India and completed her Postgraduate Diploma in Sports Science at the University of Canterbury which helped further her knowledge on exercise prescription. She has experience working with older adults in a variety of clinical settings and aged care facilities. She is passionate about neurological and musculoskeletal rehabilitation. She also provides Manual Handling Training to care staff at a few aged care facilities and is trained in Pilates.

Menaka believes that exercise should have a place in everyone’s life, regardless of their age, condition, or fitness level.

Carley Bouman

Physiotherapy Assistant, Bachelor of Health Science (Physiotherapy) 2002

Carley worked as a physiotherapist for twelve years before leaving the profession to focus on raising her three children.

She has returned in 2023 to work for us as a physiotherapy assistant. She enjoys working with older adults with a wide range of conditions, helping them to stay active and achieve their goals.

Hayley Blair

New Zealand Registered Dietitian

Hayley has 17 years of clinical experience as a Registered Dietitian covering a wide range of medical nutrition therapies, in both acute and rehabilitation services, having worked at Christchurch Public and Burwood Hospitals, combined with over a decade in the private sector. This experience allows Hayley to take a balanced approach to nutrition assessment, treatment and education. She desires to provide the most up-to-date, evidence-based practice and is able to help you with nutrition for disease prevention and management; pre-surgical nutrition assessment and support; intuitive eating & food relationship; meal preparation and planning; nutrient deficiencies; gut health and digestive issues; diabetes; heart health; weight management – including malnutrition; poor wound healing and lifestyle nutrition.

When it comes to food, Hayley is a realist. Her style involves getting to know you, starting with what brought you here. Her priority is client-based care, including you at every step of the way to find solutions as unique as you are. She believes food should be nutritious but also simple and easy to prepare. Creating a nutrition plan together is the best way to see results that are long lasting that have the most impact on your health, wellness and happiness.

“I thrive on encouraging my clients to make small, sustainable changes that will have the greatest impact on their health and wellbeing, to help ensure they have the energy and desire to live full lives. I do not encourage dieting, but instead focus on increasing variety and nutritional balance.” Hayley, NZRD

Let’s connect and start your journey towards a healthy, sustainable life!

Jo Nunnerley


Lynne Cardno

Office Manager

Bachelor of Business Studies

Lynne is the Office Manager for On the Go Physio.

Lynne has previously worked in the financial sector in both customer facing roles and in Learning and Development.  She is passionate about clients having an exceptionally positive experience when dealing with any organisation.

Outside of work Lynne enjoys travelling and being outdoors, keeping active particularly through running and mountain biking.


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