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On the Go Physio was established in Christchurch in 2009 to meet the needs of clients who wanted more control over their physiotherapy input. We aim to put clients back in charge of their rehabilitation by deciding when they want to be seen, how often and for how long. We recognise that staying physically active is a human right and people should be supported to regain and maintain the activities they want to do, in their own environments.

Our team consists of dedicated, experienced physiotherapists, physiotherapy assistants, a massage therapist and a highly organised admin manager to keep everyone in line.

On the Go Physio’s values are:

Our clients truly matter to us. We work with clients at all times and ensure their wishes and goals are what we base our management on. We bring our expertise to the table but our client’s bring their life experience, self knowledge and their desired outcomes.

On the Go Physio staff are highly valued. We aim to have a team of fabulous staff who love their jobs and give a consistent presence to our clients. 

On the Go Physio staff are highly skilled. We start with great people, with loads of experience and passion, and then keep upskilling and supporting them in their careers.

We appreciate that our clients pay for our service and ensure that we provide effective services that are constantly reviewed to ensure they meet our client’s needs. We will always offer referral back to publically funded services where possible and advise clients on all of their options for input. 

We will always act with integrity and professionalism. As New Zealand Registered Physiotherapists our team are bound by the Physiotherapy Board which sets legal standards of competency and conduct. These are also supported by Physiotherapy New Zealand’s standards which include ethical conduct.

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