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Physiotherapy following surgery or injury

Following hip or knee joint replacements

If you have had elective surgery to replace your hip or knee joint On the Go Physio can provide expert follow up treatment. We will liaise directly with your surgeon to ensure their specific instructions are carried out. If your surgery was covered by private health insurance you may be able to claim back the cost of your physio (check this with your insurance provider).

We will work with you to plan how many visits you will need and over what time frame.

For current costs please see rates.

Physiotherapy options for surgery or injury:


This is the strength and training you do before you have surgery and can make a significant difference in how you recover.


It is vital that you get back to moving as quickly as possible following surgery, and make a complete recovery. You should be aiming to be better than you were before you had surgery and our team can help with this.

Physiotherapy following injury

If you have an injury, aches or pains then our musculoskeletal clinic is the place for you. Longer appointments  and physios who have time to get to know you and your goals.  We can complete ACC forms with you so no GP visit is needed prior to coming.

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