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What is a stroke?

A stroke happens when there is a sudden interruption of blood flow to a part of the brain. This causes damage to brain cells. Anyone can experience a stroke at any age, but it is more common in people over 65 years old. A stroke can be mild or severe. Most people need at least some rehabilitation following a stroke to help them regain lost movement or function.

Rehabilitation following a stroke

Following a stroke the most important factors in regaining health, function and quality of life are rehabilitation and time. Everyone is affected differently depending on the location and severity of the stroke and your rehabilitation needs to be specifically tailored to you. Rehabilitation should start as soon as possible, and continue for as long as you need it. If rehabilitation stops too soon, you may not recover your full potential

Why chose On the Go Physio?

On the Go Physio is a unique service because you don’t come to us, we come to you! We believe the most meaningful rehabilitation is done in your own environment where we can focus on your life and your interests.  Recently a very large stroke rehabilitation study in the US showed that you don’t need high tech equipment to improve after stroke. Targeted exercises at home are just as effective as working in a physio clinic or gym! And working at home doesn’t exclude high tech equipment. On the Go Physio has an exciting tool box that they can bring to your home including iPad rehabilitation tools, functional electrical stimulation and the Able-X upper limb rehab tool.

Physiotherapy for stroke is a specialised area. The physiotherapists at On the Go Physio have extensive experience and training in stroke rehabilitation. We understand what it takes to help you achieve your goals.

How does it work?

At your first appointment your physiotherapist will get to know you, find out about your health, and establish where you are at now and where you want to be. Your physiotherapist will assess you and advise a plan of action. We work on the principle of neuroplasticity, meaning the brain can change, recover and learn, even after a stroke. For maximum neuroplastic change you will need to work at your programme regularly and the exercises need to be challenging and stimulating. To see real change we recommend you have physio 2-3 times a week, at least to begin with. Ongoing sessions may be less frequent if you can continue your programme on your own or with help from family or friends.

What if my stroke was a long time ago?

Recovery from stroke depends on many things, such as severity of the stroke and the area(s) of the brain affected. A key factor to recovery after stroke is perseverance. Stroke recovery takes time, and research shows that improvement can continue to be made, even many years after a stroke with right sort of training.

Can On the Go Physio help me if I am younger than 65?

Although most strokes happen in people over the age of 65 it is not uncommon for them to occur in younger people who may be raising their families or working. The principles of rehabilitation apply equally and our staff can adapt treatments to work around families, returning to work, getting back to sport and recreation.

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