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On the Go Physio are able to provide comprehensive assessment services to people who are living with the late effects of polio.

What are the late effects of polio?

This is a general term which acknowledges two key components. The first is that anyone who experienced paralytic polio as a child will have lived with the effects this has had on their body since that time. The effects can be mild or very marked and as a result they may have had surgeries as a child or in later life to replace joints that have worn out due to bearing the load of the affected limb. The person may experience a range of side effects including fatigue, pain, injury, falls, breathing difficulties, shoulder damage.

The second component of the late effects can be the development of Post Polio Syndrome in which previous symptoms become much worse, or may become apparent for the first time since the original illness. This can be devastating for people who thought that they were managing ok, to have things worsen or take them back in time and remind them off their original experiences.

How can On the Go Physio help?

Gathering a full history.

Initially you will be asked about your original Polio and how you were affected. This allows us to anticipate what issues you may be experiencing now or in the future. You will be asked about your physical health throughout your lifetime including any orthotics or surgeries you may have had. You will be asked about how you are now and what (if any) changes you are experiencing in your physical health. Most importantly, you will also be asked what concerns you most and what you would like physiotherapy to help with.

Physical assessment.

Your physiotherapist will then physically assess you. The assessment will depend on what the key issues are for you as an individual. A usual assessment will involve:

  • Looking at how you can move your arms and legs
  • Testing the strength of your arms and legs
  • Looking at you getting on and off your bed and in and out of a chair
  • Looking in depth at your walking and how each leg and your trunk move
  • Looking at your walking up and down steps, and outside (if appropriate)
  • Looking at the shape of your spine (if this has been affected by Polio)
  • Assessing your balance
  • Reviewing any aids you may use such as a walking stick, frame or wheelchair

Management Plan

Once we have assessed you and discussed what areas you are concerned about, or would like to focus on, then we will come up with a plan together. Some examples of what we can offer are…

  • Inviting you to attend the local Polio exercise group or hydrotherapy session. If you agree then you will be given a very structured exercise programme and supported to ensure they exercises are right for you and will give you maximum benefit.
  • Showing you some exercises you can do at home to address areas of weakness, or potential weakness. This can include balance.
  • Advising you on local exercise options that might suit you if you cannot attend one of our classes.
  • Referring you to the DHB for input from an Occupational Therapist if you could benefit from any equipment or changes to your home to make life easier.
  • Referring you for input from a Speech Language Therapist if you have any issues with swallowing or speech.
  • Referring you to your doctor to address any other medical concerns we pick up.
  • Referring you for a specialised seating assessment if you require support for your trunk posture or would benefit from using a wheelchair.
  • Referring you, and accompanying you if needed, to orthotics for new or updated orthotic devices.
  • Advising you on fatigue management strategies and how to maximise your energy.

Following your assessment you will be asked if we can send a summary to your GP. This will allow them to have an update on your condition and anything we have recommended. You are welcome to have a copy of this report sent to you as well.

Unlike most of our other services you may not have to pay for an assessment if you have had polio. The Duncan Foundation will often fund this and when you phone On the Go Physio you will be informed if funding is available for you.

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