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The Cued Up! Programme

Cued Up! – a specialized exercise programme for people with Parkinson’s disease who experience freezing.

The Cued Up! exercise programme is an education and exercise programme specifically for people with PD for have freezing. Freezing is a troublesome and difficult symptom of PD to manage. Those with freezing are more likely to fall and to reduce the activities they participate in. Medication is usually of little help for freezing, but there is evidence to show that people with freezing can learn to manage their symptoms by using cues. Cues are “tricks” that help your brain to get your feet moving. The earlier you learn to use cues, the better control you are likely to have over your freezing.

The Cued Up! programme uses a set of specific exercises and cueing techniques to help you understand your freezing, improve the aspects of your walking which can make your freezing worse, help you learn to predict and avoid situations which can exacerbate freezing, and learn techniques to overcome freezing when it occurs. For those whose freezing is very bad, family and carers are taught how to best help a person with freezing.

For further information please listen to the Radio NZ interview with Tara Martin.


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If you would prefer to do LSVT BIG then the Cued Up! exercises can be incorporated with this at no extra cost.


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